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Mostrando entradas de agosto 30, 2011

Lil Wayne Ft. Birdman - I Got Some Money On Me

[Lil Wayne] I got some money on me I’m ’bout to kill these hoes I don’t be politicing, I’m not political F-ck you talkin’ bout, bitch I’m Kenneth Cole My goons masked up, Ray Mysterio Bitch, eat something, I don’t like skinny hoes I hit her from the back, she on her tippy toes I smoke that Green Day, I’m on my Billie Joe I’m a dog bitch, BINGO I’m a rich ass nigga, you bitch ass nigga I’m from the school of hard knocks You skip class nigga Tell her buss that pussy open Bend it over bring it back Get some brain out that hoe and call that hoe a brainiac
I got some money on me I’m ’bout to kill these hoes I got some money on me I’m ’bout to kill these hoes F-ck you talkin’ ’bout, bitch I’m Kenny Cole I’m a dog bitch, BINGO Every bad bitch love me
I’m young money, tell em pop that p-sssy for me Pop that p-ssy for me And my niggas got the guns, they aiming for ya skully Tell ‘em pop that p-ssy for me pop that p-ssy for me
[Birdman] Uptown gangsta life, made man, 5 star nigga Ya understand me, give a hundred and hundred…

Lil B - Take A Picture

[Intro - Lil B] Yeah this that “I Forgive You” mixtape You know we back-to-back Bentley coupe, Phantom, Maserati, all that Shout out to my young cuz Tooby, what it is? Fuck with me! I got love, wassup ladies? Fuck with me! I love y’all Money everywhere..
[Hook - Lil B] Based God fucks with it Everybody know that the kid’s so exquisite Black Bentley coupe, bitch I think I’m the mayor Middle Eastern girl: I think I’m Middle Eastern!” Persian, 100 grand cash and I’m splurging Never figure 8, all I do is skate Bitch, look at me, bitch: I’m Based God! Rich ho Based God, take a picture Based God Went to the bank, I talked shit to the teller They look at me crazy, there’s nothing you can tell me I’m self-made and I think I’m Rick Ross Bitch, it’s easy. Bitch, just watch me Young Based God and some muthafuckin swagger Still got the plug and I rock with the 50 Cent If you got a plug bitch, I’m master teacher Sensei Based God, my bitch is my best friend She looks so good, she dress up for the occasion Condo, only thing …

Jojo - Disaster

[Jojo] I’m trying not to pretend that it won’t happen again and again like that Never thought it would end, but you got up in my head and my head like that You made me happy baby, but love is crazy, so amazing But it’s changing, rearranging I don’t think I can take anymore
[Chorus] Cuz the walls burned up and our love fell down And it turned into whatever now we’re saying never Feel the fire cuz it’s all around and it’s burning For forever and always We gotta let it go, be on our way Look for another day, cuz it ain’t the same my baby Watch it all fall to the ground No happy ever after, just disaster
[Jojo] Didn’t want it this way, I only wanted to say Is I loved you right Then your love went away, and I needed you to stay But I can’t wait for you to realize All the things I gave you, made you change you Your dreams came true When I met you, now forget you Don’t want anymore
[Chorus] Cuz the walls burned up and our love fell down And it turned into whatever now were saying never Feel the fire cuz it’s all aroun…

Waka Flocka Ft. Wooh Da Kid - U The Type

See, I’m the kind of nigger that wants no money Squad! Oh, Waka Flocka Flame! It feels so good in my spot! It feels so good, nigger in my spot, oh!
Friends play Monopoly, Get your head knocked down disrespect this fucking company! No sympathy, leave like easy E Nigger what an attitude nigger you ain’t shit like me! much history, You boys ..but’s OK, you’re a mystery! Bottles up, screaming now victory! Bottles up, screaming now victory! Twenty five million zone touch the million dollar Photo .. wrapped and I’m still… Nigger.. my chain, those bad… Three years in the game, I’m in the hall of fame! Waka Flocka Fama on my… They told me.. that’s so industry, Guy, get my.. double …
Chorus: I’m the type of nigger, get my.. F in your car, watch the mother fucker flick See, I’m the kind of nigger, that’s gonna end with my beat When shit hit the… I don’t want the police! You’re the type of nigger trying to borrow my strap Talking sideways when I see you with some rap You’re the type of nigger, only beef when you rap …

Danny Brown - D.N.A.

[Hook: Danny Brown] It’s in my, D.N.A Cause my pops like to get fucked up the same way It’s in my, D.N.A Cause my moms like to get fucked up the same way
D.N.A. D.N.A Cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way D.N.A. D.N.A Cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way
[Verse: Danny Brown] Waking up, drooling on Versace pillowcases And I’m smoking eight a day I might end up a mental patient Terry cloth bathrooms, blunts and ashtrays White wine in flute glass, early morning saturdays Food plates and grade A, crepes and OJ Bitches swimming topless in Chlorine off morphine Emails on iPads don’t answer ring phone rings Text message full coming down on four beans Cause everynight like bachelor party in sin city Bitches sniffing coke off each other tittys with rolled 50s Life I live like Charlie Sheen and Rick James Goin hard until it ain’t a dollar to my name This that triple x shit nigga how ya feel Groupies like glam rock poison logo pill Sniffing a mali off amps blond haired tramp When I’m on my way to the…

Danny Brown - XXX

[Verse: Danny Brown] 30! Colder than them grits they fed slaves Me to rap is like water to raves AK’s with bayonets on deck Rep my set Sorta like Squidwird and his clarinet I’m in ya bitch mouth But she just fantasizing Staring at my skinnys siad its so tantalizing Dog I’m strategizing plotting on throne The masta of the ace sitting on chrome Dark nights tryna sleep stomach on fire Delusional from hunger so I couldn’t get tired Imaging the equalizer goin from green to red Words that rhyme together just appear all in my head Sorta like Neo with them Matrix codes I try to escape it hoping drugs a numb a soul Say im getting old and times running out Repeating instrumentals tryna figure patterns out I never leave the house ain’t slept in three days Popping pills, writing, drinking and smoking haze Weaving the kicks and snares dodging hooks
Tryna keep it original something thats overlooked Way a nigga goin might go out like Sam Cooke Or locked up calling home for money on my books Cause if this shit don’t work nigg…

Danny Brown - Pac Blood

[Verse 1] The Shakespeare at 16, dipping my ink pen Made a sculpture of me but my dick was too thin Painting pictures of me but they never get my chin.. One writing scriptures bringing tears to the princess Every time I indent, you can see the intent Leave your mind bent, hanging on the every sentence Have no apprentice, style uninherited Laughing at you peasants cause my penmanship is excellent I’m never in the present, eyes get wide I’m the town hero cause my words give a ride And what they feel inside, I say the perfect words for em Some say I’m a prophet with the visions I get cursed for Leave them all astonished, ride with the birds Make a grown man cry with shrimp on the words
[Hook] Tears to Mona Lisa, Medusa to liquid Make Gandhi grab the burner while they shoot shit Rhymes that make the Pope wanna get his dick sucked Had Virgin Mary doing lines in the pick-up Make Sarah Palin deep-throat til she hiccup Had T.D. Jakes round this bitch doing stick-ups Rhymes so real, thought I wrote it in Pac blood T…

Danny Brown - Lie4

[Hook] I’m balling now yea just like kobe You callin now yea bitch you know me You calling off and I’m taking all yo hoes I’m showing out what the fuck I gotta lie for
What the fuck I gotta lie for x4
[Verse 1] I ain’t never had shit Zilch zero nothing Now that a nigga something Yea bitch I’m stunting Look at all this moneys Hundreds and these fiftys Eating at the Whitney Now yo bitch wanna come wit me Cause we bout to go to the mall Tonight we popping bottles My baby momma a hoodrat But now I gots me a model And she wanna swallow drink it all up Straight to the neck from the bottle cause she dont need a cup And we bout to go make it rain thunder fucking storm Kush nuggets to the brain pop fucking corn Shapow bitch wow been had hundreds Naw nigga I’m just lying my nigga I’m just fronting Got that income tax swag, that income tax swag That bad dame in my lap I just cop her a bag Got that income tax swag, that income tax swag That bad dame in my lap I just cop her a bag [Hook]
I’m a blow it all now Nigga muthafuck a …

Danny Brown - Die Like A Rockstar

[Verse 1] Brown bless the mic like gesundheit Bud bout the size of a bonzai Kick it like Muay Thai Flow like sci-fi In high def I’m righteous And still bust a nut up on a bitch chest The verbal folklore been explored and employed by none other than them fools with the gold And them bankrolls explode And your bitch is my target when I shoot my load Bulls-eye my eyes tight-eyed Fried off the same shit that rockstars died From Smoke something with your man bitch Like Wyclef used to sell the cannabis Manuscript sick shit Prescription addiction Sniffing adderall off the counter in my kitchen Tripping off the shit that had Brian Wilson flipping Experiment so much it’s a miracle I’m living
[Hook] And I’mma die like a rockstar Die like a rockstar I’mma die like a rockstar Die like a rockstar I’mma die like a rocstar Die like a rockstar I’mma die like a rockstar
[Verse 2] Bitch I wanna party like Chris Farley Shot of Hennessy spike that with some molly Tell mommy I’m sorry god bless my soul But life is so sublime going out l…

Lupe Fiasco - The Coolest

[Hook] The Coolest nigga what (x16) Lord please have sympathy And forgive “my cool young history” as The Coolest nigga what
[Verse 1] I love the Lord But sometimes it’s like that I love me more I love the peace and I love the war I love the seas and I love the shore No love for no beach baby, that’s loyal But she doesn’t see, therefore I spoil I trick, I fall run up in raw I love her, with all my heart Every vein, every vessel, every bullet lodged With every flower that I ever took apart She said that she would give me greatness Status, placement above the others My face would grace covers Of the magazines of the hustlers Paper, the likes of which that I had never seen Her eyes glow green with the logo of our dreams The purpose of our scene The obscene obsession for the bling She would be my queen I could be her king Together, she would make me cool And we would both rule, forever And I would never feel pain And never be without pleasure, ever, again And if the rain stops And everything’s dry She would cry Just so I …

Justin Bieber ft. Drake - Trust Issues

[Hook - Justin Bieber] All I care about is money and the city that I’m from I’mma sing until I feel it,i’mma go until it’s done And I don’t mean to say wassup and my excuse is that I’m young And I’m only getting older, somebody shoulda told you
I’m on one, you know, I’m on one I said I’m on one, you know, I’m on one Two white cups and I got that drink could be purple could Be pink depending on how you mix that ish money that We got,never get that ish,cause im on one,you know im one one
You know what I like Oh yeah, oh yeah (x2)
[Justin Bieber] You just need to listen, teach you how to fix it Cause you’re cause I don’t trust these women I don’t trust these women, they might catch me slipping So, you’re the only one cause I don’t trust these women They might catch me slipping and put in something different So you’re the only one cause I don’t trust these bitches I don’t trust these bitches, they might catch me simping So you’re the only one
Trust issues
[Verse] Drizzy Drake, check me out Coming live from the m…