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Mostrando entradas de mayo 26, 2012

Steve Aoki feat Angger Dimas - Steve Jobs

Si sabes la letra, por favor, escríbela en los comentarios. Gracias.

Cody Simpson - Got Me Good

You-U-U-U Got Me Good I-I-I-....You-U-U-
I Like This Right Here. Word On The Street Is That You’Re Single So, So Baby Have You Heard My Single.. It Goes La Di-Da And It Hits Like A Symbol I Drew A Heart With My Finger On Your Window.
What’S Up...Even With Your Hair Up Girl, What’S Up...Even In Your Sweat Pants Girl, What’S Up...Even When You Wake .. Without Any Make-Up, I’M In Love. Cause I’M..So Tired Of The Same Old Things I’Ma Need Something New In My Life, Yeah. So Tired Of The Same Old Games
Yeah It’S My Time I Start Feeling Right. Cause You-U-U-, Got Me Good Girl I-I-I- Felt So Good Girl. Youu, Got Me Good
And You Know That I Need You So Bad!! You Said You’Re Talking To Your Ex-Boy Well, Well Just Remember ... He’S Your Ex-Boy (Ugh) Well Maybe I Could Be Your Next Boy. And Just Remember .. That You’Re Better Than The Rest. So Baby, What’S Up...Even In Work Clothes Girl, What’S Up...You Know How To Wear Clothes Girl, What’S Up..Girl, You Got Me .. Lost In Your Eyes, I’M In Parad…

50 Cent - Murder One

Hey yo 50, I was thinking, you should go back to doing the shit you used to do
Murder them, murder them, if I let … I murder them Niggas be fronting, word up it’s stunting til they heard up Their semi talk, I let that buck, I had these niggas running hard I pull a nigga skirt up, and have him kicking dirt up I get a nigga hit a nigga, back up stupid hard Silence, it’s the return of the tyrants Symptom … we’re botch closed islands Stand close to the homie you wanna die with Flames come up bout the…the shit that I do I’m talking like the feds ain’t listening Nigga this a pool of piranhas you pissing it I get it nigga if you want it Better ask niggas out me I be on it I get the drop, blow at your knot, perfect planning Hit your back with something hot, out the can
It’s murder one, and I’m at a …, matter Then it’s another one, back to back we’re working It’s murder one, and I’m at a …, matter Then it’s another one, back to back we’re working
You know I got the strap on me, bar holding th…

Estelares - Aleluya (con Enrique Bunbury)



Hoy sobre el pinar se puede ver la lengua del cielo
¿Ves? es noche frente al mar y estas aquí
Yo me acostumbre a abandonar casi todo lo bello
Siempre el temor sobre mi y vos aquí

Aleluya total, aleluya
Dame amor hasta acabar, aleluya.

Bien, yo supe ser un vendaval de aves errantes
Es que tú sabes más de mí que yo de mí.
Subo, se ve un candil
Y en tus brazos ya soy una estrella,
es que tu sabes mas de mi, que yo de mi.

Aleluya total, aleluya.
Dame amor hasta acabar, aleluya.
Aleluya total, aleluya.
Dame amor hasta acabar, aleluya.