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Mostrando entradas de noviembre 10, 2011

The Wanted - Warzone

The Wanted estrena en Youtube el videoclip de su nuevo single "Warzone". Aquí les dejamos con la portada, el video y la letra de la canción. Esperamos que lo disfrutéis y que opinéis sobre él.

[The Wanted] I can't believe I had to see The girl of my dreams cheating on me The pain you caused has left me dead inside I'm gonna make sure, you regret that night
I feel you close, I feel you breathe And now it's like you're here You're haunting me You're out of line, you're out of sight You're the reason that we started this fight
But I know, I just gotta let it go, I, should've known I gotta learn to say goodbye now I throw my armour down, And leave the battleground For the final time now, I, I know. I'm running from a warzone
In our house, I hate that place, Everywhere I walk I see your face Try to erase a memory with a flame, And hope I never see you again Standing here, in this burning room, You know the end could never come so soon,
It's clear to me, The lies …