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Vicky Larraz - EarthQuake

Vicky Larraz - EarthQuake

Canción: EarthQuake
Artista: Vicky Larraz


I'm not going to rule my fears, anymore
I'm not going to stop your loving, like before
Cause' everytime you move me baby,
I'ts a true heartquake baby,
I can't think when I'm around you, around you
It's magnitude nine, and it's messing with my mind!

I'm lost, the tremors in my heart,
Rock my soul
You call, I shake
You talk, I break
No Control!
You're my Earthquake, Earthquake
I'm yours
The rumble in my heart
Rocks my soul
Your touch I crave
I can't behave
No Control!
You're my Earthquake, Earthquake

Verse 2
I no longer care if you turn my world upside down,
I will wear the chaos that you bring in, like a crown
Cause everything is in motion baby,
It's a true heartquake baby,
Can't hold on when I'm around you, around you,
It's magnitude nine,
And it makes me feel so fine!

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