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Virginia Labuat - Night & Day

Virginia Labuat - Night & Day
Virginia Labuat - Night & Day

Virginia Labuat - Night & Day

Virginia Labuat - Night & Day

I’m trapped in
this one odd dream
this one labyrinth
this one room with no doors and
no key

Desert island
with no sandman
I’m the child left behind

I am lost
in a dark forest
I’m being chased by fears,
troubles and tears

I feel I’m sinking
deep in the quicksands
my lungs are aching
Gasping for just one more breath to survive

Then sun rays
come to my face,
point out the way
through a window that leads to
this raft

On it standing,
one rose holding
Mr. sandman says hi

I see trees,
hear baby laughter
kids racing each other
quick in the sun

Riding a mare
over the hilltops
I feel the fresh air
fill my chest with the lost words
for this song


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Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy
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Now it seems to me, some fine things
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